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Self Restraint

I really must work harder to restrain myself.  I just posted a response to my cousins posting on Facebook that I just could not stop myself from responding to.

Robert Perry shared American Patriots‘s photo.
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  • Russ Perry I grew up reciting this everyday in school too…(but before the McCarthy congress in the ’50s decided to ignore the 1st amendment) with-OUT the “under God” part in it.
  • Robert Perry I know.
    My point is that making acceptance of ANY religious (or anti-religious) idea a condition of patriotism WILL offend someone it violates the 1st amendment to the constitution.  What really galls me is the SELECTIVE way the Tea Party-Ultra Conservative-Right Wing-Fundementalist-(SO CALLED) Christian-Republicans go mad at anything THEIR interpretation of the 2nd amendment deems unconstitutional (like when sensible people want to try to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and mentally unstable individuals) but are just elated at something like the McCarthy congress law that added “Under God” to the pledge in total disregard of the words, the meaning, and the intentions of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the 1st amendment.

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