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New Recipe

Just invented this for dinner tonight…it was good.
Easy Meal for 2
1 cup  baby carrots
⅔  cup each of finely diced
onion (sweet white or red)
bell peppers (red, yellow and orange baby peppers)
celery hearts with leaves on (use the small stalks from the heart)
white mushrooms
½ cup sweet red wine
2 tbs of very low fat buttery spread (5 grams fat per tbs)
3 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
3 tbs Worcestershire sauce
½ tsp curry powder
½ tsp sugar or 1 tsp brown sugar or 1 tsp honey


My websites all got hacked.  This is now day 3 of cleaning up and recovering.  One site (Saintly Sins) is still down.  The nerds at responded very fast. I sent them an email Saturday night … had a response Sunday morning. They had scanned and repaired all that they could, gave me a list of all files on all   sites repaired, a list of all files on all sites still infected, a list of all files on all sites in danger of being hacked, and detailed instructions on what and how to get it all cleaned up.

Food Memories

We watched Julie and Julia the other night.  (Weren’t going too. We were just going to see what it was about.  Three hours later we had watched the whole thing.  It was ok.
Anyway, set me to thinking about food.  My first memory of food is from when I was about 5 years old and my sister joyce (she would have been about 12) made me toast and hot cocoa morning. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it tasted.  I can still remember the taste perfectly.

Super Bowl Saints

Well beyond everyones expectations (except for the folks in New Orleans) the Saints have won and the Colts will have to sneak out of Miami in the middle of the night with their tails between their legs just as they did from Baltimore all those years ago. When I lived in Maryland the Colts were my team….until they packed up and sneaked out of town in the middle of the night.

Back on Line

If you visited during the last few days you were greeted by a message that the site was unavailable.  That was because I locked everything down.  I did that because we were burglarized and all our computers were stolen.  I’ve brought the site back up now since I think I have successfully blocked any access by anyone who may have found access information on the computers that were stolen.

Political Catch Up

Liz and I were both delegates to The Clark County convention which was a disaster.  About 4 times as many people showed up for the convention as expected and the convention had to be reconvened weeks later to complete the voting.
Again, both Liz and I were selected as delegates to the Nevada State convention which met in Reno.  This was better run, but ran about an hour or two behind schedule all weekend.
Even though President Bill Clinton came to Reno to address the convention, the results of the caucuses were reversed at the convention.

Nevada Caucuses

The Nevada Caucuses took place Saturday and Liz and I attended our precinct Democratic caucus at the local school.  We had 117 show up.  Only 3 candidates received support and (unfortunately) Edwards only had 15 supporters.  The viability cut off was 18 and we were unable to convince anyone to join us so we had to redistribute ourselves. Obama managed to come out with 1 more delegate than Clinton in our precinct.  I still prefer Edwards and hope he can manages to do better in the remaining primaries.

Democrats Win

We just got back a week ago from a visit to Toronto, We were there during Thanksgiving and attended Thanksgiving dinner with the Democrats Abroad chapter in Toronto.Dinner was held at the George Brown College Ontario Hostelry Institute School of Hospitality.The students at the institute did all the work and provided a traditional Thanksgiving meal and were given a resounding round of applause for there work.In case your wondering how two visitors from Las Vegas got invited to attend this event, it was the result of the very political principle of “It’s not what you know but who you know that counts.”That is, the wife and

Update on activities

Have been spending my time on the personal website ( experimenting with new software. Have finally gotten the hang of it and will be moving the entire site to the new software.That site, like all my sites, gets very little traffic, but then who cares. I don’t do this for popularity, but since I have all my time available to do as I wish this is what I wish.Meanwhile, the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, and who but “We the People” are to blame for that? At least in this country.


I woke up this morning as the result of a dream. It wasn’t a bad dream, but the ending shocked me into wakefulness.There had been an auto accident and a young man had died and “someone” in the dream made the comment:“He was just another solider”The anger, the rise in blood pressure and adrenaline from my reaction to that was enough to pop my eyes open, wide awake.What causes dreams is a real mystery. Maybe it and my response has something to do with reading “The Rainmaker”, maybe has something to do with New Orleans.