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My websites all got hacked.  This is now day 3 of cleaning up and recovering.  One site (Saintly Sins) is still down.  The nerds at responded very fast. I sent them an email Saturday night … had a response Sunday morning. They had scanned and repaired all that they could, gave me a list of all files on all   sites repaired, a list of all files on all sites still infected, a list of all files on all sites in danger of being hacked, and detailed instructions on what and how to get it all cleaned up.


Took a break from all the Genealogy research and have been exploring
and learning Google+. If you like facebook your going to love Google+.
It’s like facebook but with better control of the post you see by your
friends (you can sort them by circles of friends and see only the ones
from one circle at a time); Like Skype but without the limitation of
one person to a call, Like twitter but without the 140 character

Cyberspace is forever

Once you put something on the internet it stays there forever!
There was a lot of news recently about privacy in the digital age we now live in.  Back in 2002 I had written a piece on that subject for a web site in England.  I thought it might be relevant today and that I might repost it so I looked for it.  I was surprised to learn that I no longer had a copy of it on my computer’s hard drive.

Back on Line

If you visited during the last few days you were greeted by a message that the site was unavailable.  That was because I locked everything down.  I did that because we were burglarized and all our computers were stolen.  I’ve brought the site back up now since I think I have successfully blocked any access by anyone who may have found access information on the computers that were stolen.

Happy Web Designing

I’ve finished another redesign of all my websites and gotten them merged so that there is just one front door to everything.  Still have a lot of stuff to get back.  This redesign started from scratch except for this blog.  The biggest take down was the photo albums.  I’ve given up on Gallery.  Just too slow and cumbersome in spite of all the great features it offered.

New software

I’m really loving my new MAC!  After having used Windows for so many years and dealt with the frustration of the speed (or lack of speed!!) of doing anything on a PC the speed, simplicity, and stability of MAC is like a breath of fresh air.  However, I have had to give up some of my favorite software including my favorite editor (1st page by Evrsoft.)  BUT… I have now found ShutterBug by Xtralean and with a minor adjustment to my way of approaching things I’m beginning to find it ALMOST as good as 1st Page.


It is not the worst of sins, but I will confess, it is one to which I am highly susceptible.  Were it not so I would be posting to this blog on a regular bases and keeping the Gallery up to date.So I have taken the time and worked all day on the Gallery and can now say that all the photos and vids that had disappeared when I upgraded the software a few weeks ago have now been restored.Check it out.  There are photos there from places most tourist to Vegas never see or even know about.

Update on activities

Have been spending my time on the personal website ( experimenting with new software. Have finally gotten the hang of it and will be moving the entire site to the new software.That site, like all my sites, gets very little traffic, but then who cares. I don’t do this for popularity, but since I have all my time available to do as I wish this is what I wish.Meanwhile, the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, and who but “We the People” are to blame for that? At least in this country.