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Section: About Count: 3
Description: Information about the site, about families, about me and all the legal stuff.
Section: About Me Count: 7
Description: A sub section of the About section. Biographical information is here.
Section: About This Site Count: 4
Description: A subsection of the About section with information about the site.
Section: Contact Count: 2
Description: This section includes various methods of contact including email.
Section: Contributions Count: 1
Description: Contributions by members will be here.
Section: Current Events Count: 179
Description: Thinking about what's happening.
Section: Genealogy Count: 11
Description: The Genealogy Section contains all genealogical information on the site. The Genealogy section home page is the Home page for
Section: Happenings Count: 17
Description: Just things that have, should, could, or may happen.
Section: History Count: 46
Description: Historical stuff will be included in this section
Section: Home Count: 7
Description: Site Home Page:
Section: Legal Stuff Count: 3
Description: This section contains the Terms and Conditions of Use, Copyright Notice, and Privacy policy; things that have legal ramifications for users of the site including Vistors, Members, and me.
Section: Links Count: 2
Description: Think about visiting these sites.
Section: Photos Count: 12
Description: Photos
Section: Poetry Count: 26
Description: Poetry
Section: Politics Count: 278
Description: Everything is political.
Section: Religion Count: 54
Description: Thoughts about Religion.
Section: Reviews Count: 3
Description: What I thought about it.
Section: Site Status Count: 36
Description: Site Status
Section: Tech Stuff Count: 16
Description: Things of a technical nature, mostly about computers.
Section: Travel Count: 2
Description: Travel, vacations, places to see.
Section: Unassigned Count: 26
Description: No Category assigned.
Section: Videos Count: 1
Description: Videos and movies including slideshows.
Section: What I Believe Count: 6
Description: What I Believe


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