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Thinking OutLoud is my personal website. I use this site to express my opinion and to experiment with different software and WEB site building techniques.

The Main is at the top of every page on the site. It provides a logical way into the site.  When you move the cursor over an item in the Main , you will usually see a drop down with links to things  that are logical to expect to find on that item on a website .  (The    at the  bottom of the page will not show the drop-down menus.)

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Make sure you read the Legal Stuff,  CopyRights, Terms, and Privacy  pages since accessing this site means you have agreed to be legally bound by their content.

I hope you find something here of interest. Look around  and if you find anything you like, (or don't) or you have  any questions or suggestions  let me know.   Feel free to point out any errors,  leave a comment if comments are open (at the bottom of the page) or write to me.  (Nothing gets posted immediately but I'll consider publishing it after it gets reviewed.)

Other sites by :  too: Perry Family Roots; Saintly Sins;  and my Facebook page.

Have Fun!

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